Why Genome Studio

● How often do you wish you could be a better YOU?

● How often have you wanted to show the world the real YOU?

● How often have you stood in front of the mirror and fantasized about being the Best YOU?

If it is more often than not, then it is time to take your health in your hands!

The Genome Studio is that novel concept centre that will help you do just that.

Visit our Experts from the fields of Medical Genetics, Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Genetic Counselling who will guide and custom design your fitness regime, nutrition intake and optimum lifestyle using your genetic markings that will unlock the secret code to a healthier, happier You.



AlphaLife is a genetic screening test that enables identification of individuals with increased risk for a condition or a disease even before they have any symptoms. AlphaLife also provides nutrition and fitness plan based on individual's health and genetic profile. (Know More)


Genetic Counselling

Our genetic counsellors explain to patients or relatives who want to undergo genetic testing, the consequences and nature of any disorder(s). This counselling empowers you to understand the risk of developing or transmitting these disorders and helps you manage them.

Our counsellors also guide you in understanding which genetic test best suits your need. Certain tests like OncoScreen and GeneComplete cannot be done without genetic counselling or doctor's prescription.



Fitness Counselling

You want to be fit? You need the right tools & knowledge to get there. Our fitness counsellors help you look at your body & it's composition from a Genetic perspective. For Atheletes, Sports professionals & fitness enthusiast alike this is the ultimate counselling. This enables them and empowers you to have a complete holistic view of what exercises to undertake for your stated fitness goal.

The AlphaLife genetic profile is used to the best effect for your training goals. Our counsellors work with Olympic atheltes, Formula 1 racers & Cricketers.

Nutrition Counselling

You want to eat healthy? Food is the fuel for our bodies. It is important to eat right. Our registered dietitian helps you learn & understand the needs of your body from a Genetic perspective. They assess your dietary intake and empower you to make the necessary changes to your nutrition. Whatever your nutritional goal genetic profile is a powerful tool designed to unleash the secret sauce of your body.

The AlphaLife genetic profile is used by our counsellors to help you achieve optimum nutrition for your body. They have helped people improve the diet and better understand the needs of nutrition.


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